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Eventful May for MeBattery– Bi-annual meeting combined with 1st MeBattery Workshop

On 9-10 May 2023, the MeBattery consortium came together for their 2nd Progress Meeting hosted by Joao Couthino and his team at Universidade de Aveiro.

As with each of our bi-annual consortium meeting, the focus was on monitoring the progress in the individual work packages. However, the meeting served, at the same time, as an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming 1st Review Meeting. Accordingly, everybody had a particularly critical eye on the technical presentations and eventual shortcomings that should be addressed prior to the Review. With this in mind, some intense and interesting discussions ensued.

With one year into the project, the partners have made some headway to develop a new flow battery technology that overcomes the limitations of current state-of-the-art battery technologies in terms of sustainability, cycle life, recyclability, energy and power decoupling, cost, and energy density. The work is concentrating on biphasic systems that so far have been barely explored in the battery field, but, if successful, has the potential to radically transform the energy sector.

In the afternoon of the 2nd meeting day, the 1st MeBattery Workshop on Advanced materials for batteries took place.

The workshop offered a 4-hour programme with the following contributions:

• Redox flow batteries – pathway for the lowest stationary energy storage levelized cost (Adelio Mendes)
• Unlocking the potential of metal-air batteries: from materials selection to mechanistic insights (Nagore Ortiz Vitoriano)
• Opportunities and challenges in printed and solid-state batteries (Senentxu Lanceros Méndez)
• Historical lessons to supercharge modern battery recycling (Nicolas Schaeffer)
• Organic batteries based on redox-active Covalent Organic Frameworks (Manuel Souto)

From the over 100 registrants, we had roughly 40 participants joining the MeBattery team on location in Aveiro and another 35 linking to the workshop remotely. The atmosphere was very lively and the coffee break allowed a fantastic interaction between the workshop participants and the MeBattery team.

Recordings of the presentations are available on our website.

MeBattery consortium

MeBattery at work

Group work

MeBattery consortium after the meeting