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  • A neutral pH aqueous biphasic system applied to both static and flow membrane-free battery

    Paula Navalpotro, Santiago E. Ibañez, Eduardo Pedraza, Rebeca Marcilla
    In this contribution to the Energy Storage Materials journal new aqueous biphasic electrolytes with near neutral pH and low cost are prepared. Battery performance shows high efficiency, capacity utilization and stability. Thus, this manuscript represents a breakthrough in the membrane-free battery since it ceases to just be a promising idea demonstrated only in static conditions and becomes a real flow battery.
  • Addressing Practical Use of Viologen-Derivatives in Redox Flow Batteries through Molecular Engineering

    Ruben Rubio-Presa, Lara Lubian, Mario Borlaf, Edgar Ventosa, Roberto Sanz
    In practical scenarios, viologen-derivatives face an accelerated degradation in the unavoidable presence of traces of oxygen in large-scale redox flow batteries. Herein, we confirm the primary degradation mechanism and propose a straightforward, cheap, and fast method to evaluate the stability of viologen-derivatives toward this degradation. A new viologen-derivative is designed and synthesized to illustrate how molecular engineering can be used to improve stability.